Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

The Juarez Wonders blog is slowing awaking from its long winter hibernation. One of the many reasons I like working exclusively with mountain kings is the four to five month break I get while all the little guys are cooling in the garage. It's an excellent time to recharge the batteries for me. So I turned the heat on for all the holdback yearlings about three weeks ago. Tomorrow the heat is getting turned on for all the adult males and then ten days after that, the females will start warming up. I'm ready for the season to begin. I may have a yearling agalma female or two available soon. They are not the best eaters, but they are getting better. When they start taking unscented pinks, they will be available. Some who bought lone males last year with the hopes of getting a pair should be in contact with me if you're interested in a lone female. I will be occasionally making posts here to update the progress on the this years production so feel free to check this site every so often.


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