Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Clutch Of The Year Laid Over The Weekend

I had my fourth female lay her clutch of eggs over the weekend. She went 8 for 8. I'm very happy about it. This male x female breeding combo produced the female that double clutched for me last year. I took some pics of with the clutch that I'll post later tonight when I get home. This gives me a total of 26 fertile eggs this year out of 34 for a 76% fertility rate...not bad, but I'm always trying to improve these things.

*************** Please Note My New Deposit Policy *************

For all of those interested in possibly obtaining some babies this year, now would be a good time to send me an email reaffirming your previous interest or if you're a new customer and want to get on my "list" for my Baja Mountain Kings. I was thinking about this all weekend and I am going to start requiring deposits on animals this year as a way to further filter the serious and non serious inquiries I get from people. I figure this will save me a lot of time. The babies will range from $250 to $1000. To reserve animals, I am going to require a 20% deposit. With 26 babies potentially, I am going to take deposits on at least 16 of them. I won't know how many "$250" animals there will be or how many "$1000" animals as well(probably three or four maybe). Let me know in your email which price range of animals you prefer. The email to use is:

The deposit will be non refundable if I produce the animals and you back out of the deal. If I don't produce the animals, I will either refund your deposit or keep it and you'll be first on the list next year.


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