Monday, June 23, 2008

San Pedro Martir Zonatas

These are some of the most awesome & unique zonatas that are out there. In my opinion they should be their own subspecies, but I'm not a herpetologist, I just play one on the internet. These are slow growers in my limited experience of keeping them. I wish I could snap my fingers and they would all be adult size. Unfortunately, it's a lot of hard work growing these guys up and giving them all the TLC that they need. I think they're worth it. They are just pure eye candy. So here for the first time on my blog...are some of the animals in my collection or I have had in my collection. Please don't ask me if any are available. Let me rephrase that. I guess it never hurts to ask, but my unofficial list for these guys is very long already. Hell, I've never even produced one yet myself. Next year will be my first shot at this....maybe if all the stars align. Anyways, for your viewing pleasure, here are some nice quality pics that a friend was nice enough to shoot for me.


An adult female(click on pictures for bigger images)

A yearling female

Adult male

Yearling male

Yearling female


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hi Allan,

are u gonna have a booth at Anaheim this year?

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