Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring 2013

It's been a long time since the last post. I had a decent year with the Juarez animals in 2012 as usual. Those guys breed year after year for me. I feel I don't really do anything special either to accomplish that. I think I hatched out about 21 animals if I remember. Once again I had a high male to female ratio and had to make some deals to sell the extra males. Lucky for me I produce some damn nice animals and it's usually not that hard to move em. I have three pairs left of the 2012 babies. I'm not in any hurry to move them, but if anyone is interested, you can certainly shoot me an email or phone call. I want to thank all my customers over the years for choosing to do business with me. I had a good run with the Martir animals. I've had them since 2003. I made a decision during the winter that I would sell the colony of 2.3 animals including the "Pinky" one that I produced. It was a hard decision, but they are now in the capable hands of my good friend John Domke. In the future I will be referring all inquiries for Martir animals to John and a few other friends I know that may have them available. As far as this years outlook, it appears that I will have three out of my five adult Juarez girls ready to produce. The other two were too skinny coming out hibernation and they are getting the year off. This is my fault for not feeding them as well as I should have last year during their short activity window. Stay tuned as always here. I will post updates as needed.


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