Thursday, April 07, 2011

Loving The Microscope

So I was down feeding the little guys earlier today and I wanted to see if I could get another sperm sample from a first year breeder male. So I threw him in with the girl that my twelve year old male hit up a few days ago. They hooked up as you can see from the picture below. They were probably hooked up for about twenty minutes and then he left a good sample for me to analyze on the shavings. After setting up the wet slide with a drop of water on top of the sample and a half drop of red dye to stain the slide, I proceeded to look at it. I searched far and wide on the slide on all different magnifications and couldn't find a live swimmer. So this tells me that he was either to small to produce good sperm or he is just plain shooting blanks. The microscope is already paying for itself. It's to bad because this is just a smokin' male holdback from 2007.


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