Friday, March 04, 2011

Pinkie Update

So I brought Mrs Pinkie Martir out of hibernation about a month ago. She has still been stubbornly refusing to eat on her own. So I force fed her a couple of mousetails and she digested those okay. The last two mousetails(out of six) she has regurged :( What to do. She is skating on thin ice. So I broke down today and bought the device I've never used and thought I would ever have to use on any kingsnake baby....the dreaded "Pinky Pump". It's so ironic that the device is named that and I have named the baby "Pinkie". Anyway, since I have never used this contraption before, I had to do a test run on a Juarez baby male from last year that ironically just started eating well. It's really a pain in the ass to use. I do have to admit though that it least so far. We'll see if both animals I used it on earlier tonight hold the emulsified pinkies down. I'm cautiously optimistic.


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