Monday, June 18, 2007

2007 NARBC Anaheim Show

I will have a both again at the NARBC Anaheim show like I have for the past three years. The show is Sept 8th & 9th. Still no babies out from the first clutch that was laid back on 4/11/07, but they're due anyday now. I incubate the eggs in the low 70's. Ergo they take a little longer to hatch. There's evidence to indicate that incubating zonata eggs at lower temps influences the amount of black on the animals while they're forming in the egg. Not sure why this happens, but I've incubated my eggs the past few years in the low 70's and I constantly get real nice babies with very little black on em'. Having real nice adults doesn't hurt either. So stay tuned here to my blog for those of you that have been emailing me anxious to get your grubby hands on a pair of my agalma babies, LOL. I will start posting pics of the babies as they start hatching.

So this weekend I was out in Ridgecrest for Jerry Hartley's "Annual Rosy Club" gathering of rosy boa afficianados. I don't keep any Rosy Boas, but I do like the thrill of the hunt for them. Here's the link to read about the weekend. I didn't take any pictures, but a lot of others did. We all had a good time cruising around the high desert. I want to say a thank you to Brad Alexander who showed me around Lake Isabella & Kernville Friday night. Brad is the proprietor of the famous Pizza Barn in Kernville and is a good friend of mine. We didn't see any rosies, but I did manage to see what they looked like from Brad.


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