Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Everyone Is Warmed Up And Feeding/Breeding

The time has arrived again. I turned the heat on Feb 25th for all my mountain kings. They have already downed a few meals. I even have some breeding activity from one adult pair already. I'm a big believer now that you have to start rotating in the adult females with the males a few days after you warm them up so you don't miss the females cycle. I did this last year to my prettiest holdback female. It was her first year breeding. I put her in with a male early to see what would happen and they hooked up immediately. I ended up getting six out of seven good eggs from her for her first year breeding. She also ended up laying her eggs a full month before my other two adult females laid their eggs. I'm not sure why this happened, but I'm making sure there is a male to service the ladies at all times now after warming them up.

We also had a nice cold winter here in socal which should make for a good year for baby mountain kings. I want to thank everyone who bought some babies from me last year. I hope they are all doing well. I love hearing updates on how all the little guys are doing that you got from me so feel free to drop me a line or call me. My number is (949)677-5078.


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