Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Things Happening

I got a couple of updates for everyone. I woke up this morning to a clutch of four Martir eggs. Two are good. This is my first clutch ever of producing this locale. I'm excited.

Had another Juarez female drop seven eggs a few days ago, five which appear good.

Another female went 0 for 7. This was very disappointing. Another female went 4 for 7.

I should have another Juarez clutch laid by days end and one more Martir clutch in the next two weeks. Fun times.

****Evening update**********

A female Juarez just went 10 for 10 tonight! I am so stoked. So to recap, I have one female Martir that still has lay her eggs. The total number of eggs is 21 good out of 33 laid for a fertility % of 64%. Not bad. Always room for improvement. The male that I used with the female that went 0 for 7 will be put out to pasture next year.


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