Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bahia de Los Angeles Trip

I took a trip down to Bay of LA a few weeks ago. What can I say, it was just too cold to find alot of herps. We did see a rosy boa the first night and a juvie ruber the next night, but that was it for herps. I did get in some fishing off of La Gringa. For all of you unfamiliar with that spot, it is north of the town about five miles. The action on the puffer fish and spotted bay bass was wide open. I also caught a small halibut. One of funniest stories was when I tried to grab a giant squid that was cruising around in the surf line. As I grabbed him, he grabbed my arm and when I jerked my arm away from him, the squid kept a healthy layer of some of my skin! Ouch. I won't be grabbing anymore squid in the near future. All and all it was another fun Baja trip. Here are a couple of pics of the rosy boa.


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